Feel The Love, Enjoy The Food!

To whom it may concern,

We wanted to formally announce the date for our last day of service. Which will be May 8th.

I (The owner) want to take a moment to explain. Currently, I am in the last semester of my Junior year in undergrad. I honestly thought I could open up a restaurant and continue with my studies as normal. However, let this be a note to anyone wanting to do both-- Don't. When you have projects that require so much of your time, heart, attention & dedication there is no possible way to do both in a manner of quality and depth that you should want your life's work to reflect. 

I am deciding to choose my education; that isn't to say that this experience wasn't highly educational. It was one of the most educational experiences I will ever have and I couldn't be more grateful. I also want to take a second to accept full responsibility for anything that went wrong. I just didn't know what I didn't know until I came up short. I promise you this, I will do better, be better because of my mistakes. 

So, to our lovely guests, CU student body, their parents, Boulder hill community, and those choosing delivery: it truly has been a deep honor to serve you, to feed you, to be criticized by you, to be loved by you. Through the act of human kindness and honesty, I/we have been changed forever by you. Every conversation had around the bar will not be forgotten. 

We look forward to spending these last few days with you, saying goodbye and hearing your stories.